1.What is WiFi?

Wi-Fi is the industry standard for wireless Ethernet networking. It uses radio waves in the 2.4gHz range to transmit data such as Web pages and email, at speeds up to 54 Mbps. Wi-Fi technology allows devices of different brands to be interoperable (compatible) with each other. You can use this service if you have a Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n) –enabled notebook computer or handheld device.

2.Why is Guam Wi-Fi offering Wi-Fi?

Guam Wi-Fi believes in bringing you closer to your business associates, friends and family wherever they may be in the world, or just somewhere else in Guam. Whether you are a business professional or a consumer, just go to any Guam Wi-Fi Wireless Access Zone and get online, With your Wi-Fi enabled device, you can check emails from the office or chat with your friends, video stream or visit any of your favorite social network sites while enjoying the ambience of your favorite mall or Tumon establishment.

3.Where can I find a Guam Wi-Fi.com Wireless Access Zone?

Please visit the Guam Wi-Fi.com Locations tab to know where our Wireless Access Zones are.

4.Who are Guam Wi-Fi.com's partners?

Guam Wi-Fi.com uses equipment from Belair Networks, the world's largest and most trusted name in carrier grade WIFI equipment, used by such companies as AT&T, Comcast, Cablevision and other reputable US wireless and cable carriers in the US.

5.How does one access GuamWiFi.com?

When you are in a Guam WiFi.com Wireless Access Zone, just turn on your computer or PDA and open the internet browser. You will be pointed to the GuamWiFi.com "splash page" where you can select your connection option.

Second, to get online, you will have two options:

Purchase a one-time connection with a credit card online or pay with a Guam WiFi.com load card.

Guam WiFi.com load cards are available at select convenience stores and gas stations island-wide.

6.What does it cost and how do I pay?

Guam WiFi.com load cards are available in several denominations :

$5.00 – 4 hours use
$10.00 – 24 hours use
$20.00 – 3days use
$30.00 – 7days use
$40.00 – 30days use

What if I have a problem connecting?

Please email customer service at info@guamwifi.com

You are now connected!